Finnish companies are being ready to direct their expertise and help create business partnerships with local actors in developing and fragile states, countering development and reconstruction activities related to catastrophes and disasters, conflicts and poverty. Finnish companies aims to create operational models that enable effective allocation and delivery of Finnish technological solutions and know-how, according to the needs of target regions for positive development effects. Are you searching for new partners, looking for new products, services or solutions, considering expanding to new horizons, creating new innovations? Human Security Finland is the forum for these activities, enabling the creation of research and product development-oriented innovations to meet the goals of developing and fragile states and crisis areas.

Creating sustainable businessHSF WInner

  • Public-Private partnership is powerful instrument for global development
  • Comprehensive thinking for long-term solutions
  • Business ecosystems for sustainable green economy
  • Resilience as a common goal has the potential to bring together humanitarians, stabilisation and development actors who working on disaster risk reduction, conflict prevention and climate change

We solve problems and development challenges in:

  1. Cleantech
  2. Health security
  3. Food security
  4. Sustainable forest management
  5. Buildings and shelters
  6. Learning solutions
  7. Information society