Sustainable housing concept is to build affordable and ecological houses for Barrick Lumwana mine workersin Zambia. New aspect in these environmental friendly houses are build with excellent quality and durability for offering ability to negotiate mortage with local bank and having home insurance possibility. Decent bio-composting toilets and affordable solar energy technology increases eco-friendliness by not letting the nature get polluted by human actions. Concepts is possible to duplicate in similar business environment.

Food Security

Agricultural sustainability is becoming increasingly critical according to UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Food Security Living Lab gathers experts and operators together to increase sustainable food production in developing markets. Our co-creation approach provides guidance for increasing development possibilities in agriculture and food production for building communication, business, development and production resilience. Advisor training model ADVIAGRI (implementation in Kosovo 2011-2013) was succesfully developed in TAGAK project and brings new knowhow for training future educators and experts.

etusivu slider water LL2

Climate change, erosion and pollution causes increasing challenges of water security and environmental health. Water Living Lab provides sustainable solutions and societal change. Our co-creation ecosystem accelerates business development by facilitating expert and stakeholder participation from different interest groups. Educators, innovators, experts, researchers and collaborators jointly create new services, products and policies. Join Water Living Lab to explore business opportunities in fast growing markets!

Women In Business

Jewelry design is considered as a small-scale mining industry, which is mostly run by women of mine worker families, whereas men are working in mines. Women in Business network is increasing Zambian women's position providing training and expertise for jewelry design to reach European standards and starting international online sales. Consultancy and training is provided in business, marketing, semiprecious stone processing, product design and entrepreneurship. Private businesses are key factor in increasing standards of living and gender equality according to UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goal 5. in developing markets.