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European Enterprise Promotion Awards EEPA 23.-25.11.2016

The European Enterprise Promotion Awards support the aims of the Small Business Act by recognising innovation and rewarding the success of public bodies and public-private partnerships in promoting enterprise & entrepreneurship at a national, regional and local level.

The Awards pay tribute to projects that are sure to inspire all of us who care about enterprises, entrepreneurs and jobs. Because this is what Europe needs: examples that can inspire the creation of an ecosystem that helps entrepreneurial spirits, nurtures enterprises and helps them grow.

Human Security Finland, Category 4 (Supporting the Internationalisation of Business) winner of EEPA 2016 entered with a project that tackles a key issue high on the global agenda, human suffering. Through international partnerships and high profile events such as The United Nations World Humanitarian Summit, this EEPA winner is making an impact, and using its expertise to identify needs and trends in developing countries.

“Of course we hoped to win but it was still a surprise! The award helped us to gain media visibility and also led to us gaining new partners. In the long term winning has increased the acceptance of our work as now people can easily identify us, and has also made it significantly easier to expand our existing network. EEPA has given us some perspective and we now have an idea about when we want to expand our network in.”

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